Soil errosion problems – i knew it was going to happen

I am posting this article as I knew I was going to have soil erosion problems on my newly excavated front yard as soon as I received a decent drop of rain and I wanted to let everyone know that it is worth the effort to install a silt fence.

I just got 3 inches of rain here in two consecutive storms and it washed heaps of dirt down the hill.

But, the silt fence saved the day stopping all the dirt from running onto the road. This picture was taken about 2 hours ago.Silt fence

What it cost me – well worth it

I bought a 100metre roll of 90mm high silt fencing for approximately $50.00. A few pegs and some nails. All up it cost me only $120.00.

Important tips – to ensure the fence works

You have to dig a small trench all the way along on the inside of the fence so the silt material can be buried at least 10cm into the trench and then covered with soil.

Another handy hint is to cut small 5cm slits half-way down each section to release the water. I only did this after it filled up with water after the first storm, but something I should have done when I installed the fence initially.

I also added a few extra posts to support the weight of the silt and water to stop it from falling over.

I’m happy – so is the neighbour

I am very pleased with the result as the silt fence worked and did exactly what it is supposed to do. The neighbour was also pleased the dirt didn’t run all over his driveway.

All in all a good result.

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